Booking Process In A Domestic Violence Case

The Booking Process

Once a person is arrested for a domestic violence charge in Orlando they are taken to the Orange County jail for booking.  The booking process involves getting biographical information from the arrested person and finger printing and photographing the arrested person.

Mugshot On The Internet

Unfortunately, for anyone arrested in Orlando there are now many websites that will obtain the information that the person was arrested, what they were arrested for and a copy of their booking photograph more commonly referred to as a mug shot.  What can be done to minimize the availability of this information online will be discussed later.   This is usually the time when the jail will set a bond amount for the arrested person, however, when domestic violence charges are involved a bond cannot be set until the arrested person appears before a judge at an initial appearance.

Contact A Lawyer Immediately

When the booking process is going on in Orlando is an important time for someone to contact a lawyer on behalf of the arrested person so that the lawyer will be able to have time to meet with the arrested person and prepare for the initial appearance of the arrested person.

What Should Someone Do Who Has Been Arrested And Taken to Jail For Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been arrested for a domestic violence charge in Orlando please contact Chris S. Boatright, P.A. at 407-740-8300 to discuss your case.  Chris is a former domestic violence prosecutor who has been defending people with domestic violence charges for over 18 years.  Why not put his domestic violence defense knowledge and experience to work for you.

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