Do I Need A Lawyer In A Domestic Violence Case

Many people believe that since the victim does not want to prosecute that the charges will be dropped so why waste money on a lawyer.  The victim does not get to decide if the State of Florida files charges or not.  I have represented many people who did not hire a lawyer prior to domestic violence charges being filed and then called me after the domestic violence charges were filed.  Unfortunately, once domestic violence charges have been filed they can not be unfiled.  It is better to have domestic violence charges not filed by the State of Florida against you then it is to have charges filed by the State of Florida against you and dropped later.  Ask yourself this simple question “Do I have a better chance of domestic violence charges not being filed against me by the State of Florida if I have an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer?”  If you would like to discuss how I can help, the consultation is free.  Please call me at 407-740-8300, text me at 407-616-8808 or email me at [email protected].

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