Illegal Vehicle Tint Stops Are Legal In Florida

Officers Rarely Stop Vehicles For Just An Illegal Vehicle Tint

Officers do not normally conduct traffic stops on vehicles for just an illegal vehicle tint unless the tint is extremely dark.  An example of an extremely dark tint would be when an officer is not able to see the driver inside the vehicle in the middle of the day.  Most cars in Florida that have an after market tint have an illegal tint.  This is because legal tint in Florida is very light so most people choose a tint that is darker than legal tint because it looks better on the vehicle, especially vehicles with darker paint colors like black.  If an officer wanted to stop vehicles for illegal vehicle tint in Florida the officer could basically do it non stop for the entire shift.  Therefore, if an officer stops a vehicle for illegal vehicle tint that is usually not the only reason for the traffic stop and usually not the primary reason for the traffic stop.

Illegal Vehicle Tint Stops For Suspicious Vehicles

Traffic stops of vehicles for illegal vehicle tint are usually done by an officer on a vehicle that the officer believes is suspicious for some reason.  Traffic stops of vehicles for illegal vehicle tint is a legal reason for an officer to stop a vehicle that is believed to be suspicious for some reason to try and find out if anything illegal is in the vehicle.  Officers stop vehicles for being suspicious because the vehicle is in an area with lots of illegal drug activity, is in an area and at a time with lots of recent burglaries or is driving erratically like driving extremely slowly or slowing down and speeding up often.  Officers are generally more suspicious the later it gets at night or in the early morning hours when most people are sleeping.  That is why many illegal vehicle tint stops occur late at night or in the early morning hours.

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